Sexta-feira · 19 Janeiro 2018
Futuros Estudantes
Family and Community Health

The curriculum for the course of Family and Community Health, in the course of Medicine, at the Catholic University of Mozambique is based on the integration of the student in the work of prevention and promotion of Health in the Mozambican Community.
To design the curriculum, UCM had in mind the reality of the community that surrounds the Faculty of Health Sciences, aiming to put the scientific knowledge that students, lecturers and researchers are developing at the service of this community.

This concern, of wanting to instill a community perspective into the minds of the students who are doing the course of Medicine, is central to the program. This results from a process of work experiences with the community itself and consultation with society. The members involved in it were the academic society, medical students, Family and community health experts of the Faculty of Health Sciences at UCM, 1st to 4th year students, as well as community at large.

This program, of community health, aims to promote the acquisition of knowledge and the development of attitudes and behaviors that should help students to:
• Know the reality and principles on which the Family and Community Health program is based, while emphasizing the communication and models of Health Systems.
• Know the main psycho-social and cultural characteristics of the community, the hierarchical structure of leadership, the Health System in Mozambique and the strategies of the current National Health Plan through Health programs.
• Understand the dynamics, distribution and determinant factors of Health and Diseases in the community.
• Know how to map out the neighborhood of the community, constructing and interpreting health, demographic and sanitary determinants, as well as the health indicators of a community.
• Know the fundamental elements of different strategies of prevention and Health Promotion, through the implementation of different activities with the community.
• Engage students and the community in the process of properly and effectively intervening in the community as a health educators, particularly in the area of prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyles, while encouraging the families to frequently go to the nearest hospitals when they face health problems.
This curriculum is based on UCM’s ideals of promoting an integral formation for students doing the course of Medicine. The curriculum is also based on the problem solving approach, providing students with relevant instruments that will help them to become medical doctors for the community and continue to learn throughout their life.