Quinta-feira · 14 Dezembro 2017
Futuros Estudantes
São Lucas Health Center

    São Lucas Health Center was officially opened in UCM campus on 17 June 2009. This was the result of a parnership developed between UCM and the University of Pittsburgh, Pensilvânia. As a result of this partnership, there has been an increasing effort on both sides to ensure that this center significantly expands access to high-quality primary care and HIV / AIDS services in Sofala province, Mozambique.
    With the help of the President of the American Emergency Plan Against AIDS (PEPFAR) through CDC / Mozambique, UCM has been collaborating with the University of Pittsburgh since 2006. While the same health center was undergoing some renovations, the two partners focused on faculty and curriculum development through extensive professional exchanges and experiences conducted in Mozambique and in the United States.
    The opening ceremony, attended by around 275 people, included representatives from other institutions, local and international collaborators as well as members of UCM’s academic community.
    The Vice-Rector of UCM, Rev. Dr. Francisco Ponsi said on the occasion: “The support that we have been receiving from the American people, more specifically from the Twinning Center, and from our partners in Pittsburgh is truly increasing our capacity to provide quality health services to the local population in Beira. This health center is an excellent contribution to the National Health System in Mozambique. It will help us to assist not only the people living in our neighborhood, as well as it will help as a learning center for our students doing their degrees in Medicine.
    São Lucas Health Center has proved to be efficient and very successful in attending many patients. This is why, between July 2010 and June 2011, 25,000 medical appointments have been made and attended to.