Segunda-feira · 18 Dezembro 2017
Futuros Estudantes

The Catholic University of Mozambique considers the fulfillment of its students as the main reason of its existence. UCM also considers as a privilege the possibility of it to grow and mature as an institution, alongside its students.
Despite the fact that UCM is a young institution (established in 1995), it prides itself for having a good number of students with superior intellectual and human standing in its faculties. This is evidenced by the current professional situation of many of them who have been placed and entrusted posts of great responsibility and prestige around the country.
The Catholic University is convinced of its ideal: to be a true community, a space that is so demanding in scientific rigor, which is fecund in humanism so that everyone can develop towards his/her own mission.
UCM is profoundly grateful to all those who, for many years, have contributed to the enrichment and growth of the Institution on a daily basis with its charisma, intellectual capacity and uprightness.
Thus, the institution has planned to create the constitution of an Association for former students, within which they can exchange their experiences, so that this experience can be shared with and passed on to the younger generations.
The aim of the Alumni Association is to ensure that UCM’s graduates maintain lasting ties with the University. This association will provide opportunities for professional development, networking, friendship building, and fundraising ventures.
Our mission is to connect Alumni with UCM so that we can provide valuable services to its members and support the University in its teaching, research and extension.
If you are interested in joining us, do please send us the following information about yourself:
Full name
Contact number
Year you completed your studies
Course or courses attended
Name of the Faculty
Faculties email addresses:
• Faculty of Agriculture, Cuamba :
• Faculty of Health Sciences, Beira:
• Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Quelimane:
• Faculty of Law:
• Faculty of Economics and Management, Beira:
• Faculty of Education and Communication, Nampula:
• Faculty of Engineering, Chimoio:
• Faculty of Natural Resorces and Mineralogy Management, Tete:
• Faculty of Tourism and Computer Science and Tourism Management, Pemba:
• Centre for Distance Learning:
• Lichinga Extension: