Quarta-feira · 21 Fevereiro 2018
Futuros Estudantes
Principles and Values

“Any university, as a university, is an academic community that, from a rigorous and critical point of view, contributes for the defense and development of human dignity and for the cultural inheritance acquired through research, teaching and other services offered to the local community, be it nationally and internationally." [1]

“It is an honor and a responsibility of the Catholic University to devote itlf to the search of and loyalty to truth... this university differentiates itlf from others because of its freedom to do research in the search of the truth about nature, about man and about God.”

In harmony with these words from the Apostolic Constitution EX CORDE ECCLESIAE, written by His Holiness Pope JOHN PAUL II about Catholic Universities, the Catholic University of Mozambique grounds its existence on the meanings of Truth and Service while permanently seeking unity in the various forms of human knowledge.
Based on its cristian roots, the university acknowledges the strong inspiration that it has acquired from the values of the Christian civilization and it does not see the existence of frontiers in the scope of its mission because it assumes that its role transcends the national geographic scope, as well as it surpasses idiomatic and ideological limitations. In this regard, the Catholic University of Mozambique is an academic community that strives to seek knowledge so as to concretely project social, cultural, economic, scientific, technological and moral development in the country.

Based on Catholic principles, UCM pursues the following values:

• Promotion of the Human Person and his Life: UCM aims to promote the personal development of each and every collaborator and student of the institution, regardless of his or her socio-political and economic condition, by means of creating a conducive environment in which a rigorous and quality process of teaching, learning, scientific research and work can take place to the benefit of everyone;

• Search for Truth: UCM aims to permanently, tirelessly and critically search for truth, through teaching and learning, and through scientific research and extension, while making this quest to become the essence of its mission as a University;

• Defense of Freedom and Independence: UCM aims to develop teaching practices, scientific investigation and quality service delivery in an environment that is characterized by freedom and independence of thought.

• Promotion of Solidarity: UCM aims to cultivate solidarity as a value that will help to bring about more and better developed communities, as well as it will help to develop the world we live in so that it can become more humane;

• Promotion of Democracy, Citizenship and Patriotism: UCM aims to promote democratic and citizenship values in a state that is governed under the rule of law; to cultivate love and the defense to the nation, freedom of conscience, freedom of choice and freedom of thought, respecting religious, cultural, ethnic diversities as well as the dignity of the human person.

The Catholic University of Mozambique has made a strong committed with the society that surrounds it. Therefore, its role is to be at the service of the common good, contributing to the development of the community and the full growth of the human race. This is why, UCM promotes dialogue, justice and peace.

[1] Cf. La Magna Charta delle Università Europee, Bolonha, Italy, 18 September 1988, «Fundamental Principles».