Monday · 19 February 2018
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Behavioural Marketing Applied to Digital Products

Author: José Castel-branco

Community Recruitment into a Cross-sectional Survey Involving HIV Testing in Beira, Mozambique: Lessons Learned

Author: Rildo Rafael, Juliana L. Conjera, Selma Mussa, Josefo J. Ferro, Ivete Meque, Karine Dubé, Jeannet Bos, Janneke van de Wijgert, Paul J. Feldblum

Lessons Learned from Building Research Capacity for Phase III HIV Prevention Trials in Beira, Mozambique

Author: Karine Dubé, Selma Mussá, Arlinda Zango, Ivete Meque, Juliana L. Conjera, Josefo J. Ferro, Jeannet Bos, Paul J. Feldblum, Janneke van de Wijgert

Main Social and Epidemiological Features of Women Enrolled in a Cross-sectional Survey in Beira, Mozambique

Author: Josefo J. Ferro, Ivete Meque, Arlinda Zango, Selma Mussa, Rildo Rafael, Karine Dubé, Juliana L. Conjera, Jeannet Bos, Paul J. Feldblum, Janneke van de Wijgert

Performance of a Rapid-Test Algorithm for Confirming HIV Serostatus in Beira and Chókwè, Mozambique

Author: Arlinda Zango, Paulo Arnaldo, Karine Dubé, Ricardo Thompson, Josefo Ferro, Sónia Enosse, Ivete Meque, Shelly Fischer, Janneke van de Wijgert and Paul Feldblum

Unmet Need for Family Planning among HIV-Positive Women in Mozambique

Author: Karine Dubé, Ricardo Thompson, Ivete Meque, Sónia Enosse, Chadreque Muluana, Arlinda Zango, Josefo Ferro, TaShawn Clifton, Janneke van de Wijgert, Paul Feldblum